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So....... Don't know if we made anything official or not, but Fear City is now an active full time band again. After years of only doing a show or two a year, we are now open to doing more shows. Of course this is all on our schedules. Contact us via our Facebook Page

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From the mind of Nupe:

     You know what I was thinking at work today in the 95 degree heat? All this fucking worrying about fighting and shit in the "scene".I know some people real well and I won't post names, that in all the years I've know some of them get real pissed off when some shit goes down, whether it be stupid or justified. This "scene" is not ment to be pleasent and peaceful, if that's what people think then maybe they should be an emo nob or a fucking hippy. I'm not saying that going out all the time and starting random shit is ok, but sometimes at a show or party stuff just happens. Here is an example, since I'm writing this I'll talk about the band. Our band is being ostracized from past out breaks of fighting at our shows. And I'm real sorry for that, because I guess most of the fight starters are real good friends of ours; I do not personally advocate any violence at our gigs. All we want to do is go out and play our music because it makes us happy, and we as a band are really triyng to get the message clear to our friends that doing this hurts us in the long run. Some promoters are trying real hard to get us shows; I thank you for that. I am sorry if anything happened at our shows. And yet some promoters are scared to book us because of what has happened, I'm not going to say any names to this one either. Violence in the punk, oi! & hardcore scene has been going on since the very beginning. All the shows I've been to, I'd say about 95% of them, had a fight or two. Some by me or not - whatever. What I am saying I guess is that the type of music we play, and most of you listen to, is not P.C. lovey-dovey type shit. All this "make the scene united" is almost impossible to do, especially in Chicago. There is too much bad blood on so many diff. levels. It really sucks because there are alot of good bands around here. Thanks for your time in reading this, if you did? I'm not trying to sound hypocritical here...if I do I'm once again sorry. I'm just sick and tired of our band being casted out because of others, hey shit happens. If you're one of the people in the "scene" who bitch and moan when fights and shit breaking out at shows -- grow your hair out and do something else. Just some thoughts you fuckers hahahahahahahahaha